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Thank you for taking the time to read this. We know they’re often not the most exciting or enthralling read however, they are there to ensure your safety as much as ours .  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns relating to these terms and conditions or other policies and we’ll be happy to explain them to you.



These terms and conditions are a legally binding contract between you and Canvas Belles Ltd (further referred to as Canvas Belles) relating to the hiring of all Canvas Belles equipment and staying in Canvas Belles accommodation.


Any reference to ‘you’ or ‘your’ will be deemed to be references to the person entering a rental agreement with Canvas Belles. Any reference to ‘Canvas Belles’, ‘we’, ‘our’ or ‘us’ will be deemed to be reference to Canvas Belles.


A booking by you will constitute an acceptance of these terms and conditions and an agreement that you are bound by their contents. The contract terms and conditions between you and Canvas Belles can only be amended if agreed in writing by us.


Canvas Belles travel within a 30 mile radius of CV33 9HT.  If you live outside this area delivery fees may apply.  


A booking may only be deemed valid once you are in receipt of a booking confirmation from us. We will provide a booking confirmation subject to availability and on receipt of a fully completed booking form with a deposit from you.  Should we not have availability then the deposit will be returned to you.



We ask that during your rental period, you treat the belongings of Canvas Belles as if they were your own.


When hiring any equipment from Canvas Belles, you are responsible for all loss and damage to any equipment regardless of culpability. Should the security deposit be insufficient to cover the loss/damage costs, you agree to pay, in full, all costs to rectify this. 


We will supply all tents and furnishings in accordance with the booking confirmation that you receive. Anything we provide you with remains our property and must be returned at the end of the hire period.


If we are specifically supplying airbeds we will supply fully inflated airbeds but we cannot be responsible for the loss of air during the hire period, which can happen due to factors such as air temperature, the airbeds being jumped on or walked on.  No refunds will be issued due to deflated airbeds. This is due to the fact that treatment to airbeds cannot be monitored.  


No naked flames inside the bell tent at any time, or within 5m, regardless of the sides being zipped up.


No pets allowed inside the bell tents.


No smoking allowed inside a bell tent. Any evidence of smoking will result in the loss of your £100 damage deposit.


No cooking or use of any gas device is to be used inside the tent at any time.


You agree that Canvas Belles accept no liability for any personal injury or damage to any persons of property suffered during the period of usage.


All contents within the bell tent are to remain in the tent at all times.   


You are required to remove any electrical components from the tent at the end of the evening as to ensure they are not left exposed outdoors to the elements and for security purposes.  We will provide a full set of instructions of how to pack away any equipment.


All rubbish is to be cleared from the site before our arrival both before and after the event. This responsibility falls solely on you as the person hiring the bell tent(s). Any time spent clearing up rubbish or mess will incur a charge, which will be deducted form the damage deposits at our discretion. 


If the tent erection site is not in your ownership, it is your responsibility to get written permission for the use of the land from the landowner and be able to provide these details if we request it. 


It is your responsibility to ensure that the space required to set up the tents is level and accessible by wheeled trucks and within 20 metres of a place where a vehicle can be safely and securely parked (it is your responsibility to pay any parking charges in advance) .  The route from the vehicle to the tent site should not have any steps or obstacles.  The tents are large and require space for the guy ropes.  We recommend a minimum area of 7 metres by 7 metres for each tent.


It is your responsibility to ensure that the ground condition is suitable to set up the bell tents. The site should be mown grass, free of stones and sharp objects and that no drains, cables or other services are buried beneath the surface or otherwise concealed.  If we arrive and deem the ground unsuitable, which is at our discretion, therefore resulting in the booking not able to go ahead, then you will be refunded your damage deposits but you will lose the full cost of the booking. Examples of unsuitable land: boggy or rocky land, wooded area, beneath trees (due to bird faeces etc.). Please note that these are just a selection of the potential unsuitable ground conditions.  The Hire Charges do not include any making good or repairing of damage to the site.


If your booking includes lighting or other electrically powered items, please ensure there is a fused 13A power supply within 20 metres of the tent site.


All tent occupants must have vacated the tents by 10:00 on the day of collection unless otherwise agreed in writing with Canvas Belles. 



All bookings are binding once we have confirmed your dates and received a 25% deposit of the total hire cost.


The remaining 75% of hire cost plus a refundable £100 per tent security deposit, must be paid no later than 4 weeks before arrival.


All deductions to the £100 security deposit, if applicable, will be fully itemised.


The security deposit covers any loss, damage or extra cleaning that is required.


Any booking made less than 4 weeks in advance of your event date will be required to pay the full balance at the time of booking including all security deposits.


If you decide to cancel you must inform us via email no later than 12 weeks before our arrival on site.


Any cancellations received between 12 weeks and 4 weeks before the event will be refunded any cost that is surplus to the agreed deposit. However, the deposit will be non refundable unless we can secure a booking for the same date.


Any cancellations received less than 4 weeks before arrival will not be refunded any of the hire cost. 


Set up and collection dates cannot be changed from the ones provided on the initial booking form. This is due to the fact that our schedule is based on these dates. 



You agree that Canvas Belles will not be held liable for any act of God including tempest, fire, flood, storm or natural disaster; War, civil war, sabotage or act of terrorism; Government sanction, embargo, import or export regulation or order; Labour disputes including strikes, lockouts, boycotts or other industrial action; disease / epidemic, shortage of workers or other causes beyond the reasonable control of the parties; Failure in the transportation of equipment, machinery or personnel or in the provision of any utility including power, gas, water or communication services.


In the unfortunate event that we have to cancel your event due to Force Majeure, including high winds that make it impossible to set the tents up or heavy rain making the ground too wet to make the tents safe we will offer you a different date with the same package.


We will use all reasonable endeavours to supply you with the equipment ordered, but where this is not possible we will notify you as soon as possible with any alterations

to the design and specifications of the equipment and where alteration is fundamental you may terminate this contract and any Deposit paid will be refunded.



We will not be liable for;


  • any loss or damage, indirect, special or consequential loss or damage (whether loss of profit or otherwise), costs and/or expenses

  • all actual or alleged loss, liability, damage, compensation, injury, sickness, disease, death, medical payment, defence cost, cost, expense or any other amount, directly or indirectly and regardless of any other cause contributing concurrently or in any sequence, originating from, caused by, arising out of, contributed to by, resulting from, or otherwise in connection with a Communicable Disease or the fear or threat (whether actual or perceived) of a Communicable Disease

  • any other claim whatsoever.


Our liability is limited to refund or cancellation of any Hire Charge and our entire liability under and in connection with the agreement shall not exceed the amount of the hire charge.


We shall not be liable for damage or loss of any of the equipment. Your statutory rights are not affected.



Payments must be made in accordance with the terms stated in our quotation. 


Payment can be made via PayPal or Bank Transfer.




You shall during the period of Hire be responsible for the maintenance and safe custody of Canvas Belles equipment from completion of erection until dismantling.

You must be satisfied with the equipment before use and should notify us of any miscounts, incorrect deliveries or unacceptable equipment before use.


You shall leave the Equipment in a clean and tidy state; a reasonable surcharge will be applied for cleaning if it is not and will be deducted from the Deposit and/or charged directly to you.


This contract will be governed by the laws of England and Wales.



If a complaint is to arise between you and Canvas Belles then please write to us at our registered address: Canvas Belles, Saddlers, Chapel Street, Harbury, Warwickshire CV33 9HT. Please note, these terms and conditions represent the entire agreement between both parties. No other form of terms and conditions will be accepted unless agreed and signed by both parties.



We work very hard to ensure all the information provided on our website is both accurate and up to date. However, Canvas Belles accepts no responsibility or liability for the loss or damage to any party when using information supplied from this website.


Canvas Belles Ltd. is registered in England & Wales. Company number: 12247425. Registered address: Saddlers, Chapel Street, Harbury, CV33 9HT.


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